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Please note - The Public Records and commercially available data sources used on reports may possibly have errors. Data is sometimes entered poorly or processed incorrectly. This information should not be relied upon as definitively accurate. For Secretary of State Documents, the data is for information purposes only and it is not an official record. Certified copies may be obtained from the individual state's Department of State.

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Background Checks and Asset Checks

​• Criminal Felony Records Search
• Criminal Misdemeanor Records Search
• Federal Criminal Records Search
• Federal Civil Records Search
• District Court Civil Records Search
• County Court Civil Records Search
• Marriage Records Search
• Divorce Records Search
• Real Property Records Search
• Property Tax Records Search
• Voter Registration Records Search
• Tax Lien Records Search
• Lien/Judgment Records Search
• UCC Records Search
• Assumed Name Records Search
• Corporate Records Search
• Address Verification Boat Records Search
• Pilot License Records Search
• Bankruptcy Records Search
• Hunting and Fishing License Records Search
• Vehicle Records Search

How We Can Help

We can provide a thorough background investigation and provide you with valuable information about an individual or company. This information can be crucial in determining the credibility of potential witnesses, parties in a suit or claim, employees, business partners, relatives, spouses or employers.

Prices vary for different searches. Contact us for current rates and to learn more about the different searches we can provide. A Background Investigation may include all or any combination of the following investigative searches to obtain results:

We help businesses and individuals with background checks, asset checks and people locates.