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Our private investigators are trained on the latest techniques and use the most advanced and covert equipment on the market. We can help you by conducting video surveillance, online activity monitoring, location tracking and recovery of computer data.

Video Surveillance
- Video surveillance is often the fastest and best way to gain the proof you need. We provide the latest in surveillance equipment, including devices designed to capture video indoors and in low lighting situations. Video surveillance can detect not only the 'where' but the 'with who' your loved one may be spending their time. We can also gather evidence for child custody cases. Since our investigators are licensed with the State of Texas, our video evidence is usable in court situations.

Online Activity Monitoring- Everyone's creating connections online these days. If you are suspicious about the online relationships being developed by your significant other or teenage child, we can investigate by tracking the sites and social media profiles they have created.

GPS Tracking - We can help you track the movements and places visited by your spouse or teenage child using a GPS vehicle tracker. If you suspect that you are being lied to about your loved ones' whereabouts, this service can give you the peace of mind you deserve. GPS vehicle trackers are safe and undetectable by the person operating the vehicle.

Computer Forensics(Recovery of Deleted Images, Deleted Emails and Sites Viewed)- This is a unique service not offered by most investigative firms. We offer this service at an affordable rate for clients concerned about their spouses online activity. Our agency can often recover deleted information, retrieve emails and view previous visited websites.

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